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was founded by Joris Schelfhout in 1999 and has been operational worldwide since then.
The simple and direct approach has been appreciated by companies like Artelia, BP, Shell, XOM, Sibelco, Besix, Bayer, ERM and many others.

Joris Schelfhout is a consultant specialised in Behavioural Science in the domain of health and safety. He has more than 25 years of experience in oil and gas, mining and construction. Joris has been responsible for developing trainings and safety programs for Shell, BP and Exxon. He also developed procurement packages for contractor management, focussing on Safety and Safety management. He has a high level of experience in training workers, frontline managers, project engineers and senior management. Joris also worked as an executive coach, developing and elevate individual skills of project engineers and contractors. Joris is highly appreciated for his direct and clear approach. He has worked in the America’s, Canada, Asia, Europe and Africa. Joris is fluent in Dutch, English, and French and conversational in Afrikaans.