2 Support

was founded by Joris Schelfhout in 1999 and has been operational worldwide since then.
The simple and direct approach has been appreciated by companies like Artelia, BP, Shell, XOM, Sibelco, Besix, Bayer, ERM and many others.

2 Support operates globally.

Our vision

"A world where worker safety, health and welfare and the safe management are central to
successful enterprise"

More and more we need to look at new approaches to achieving safe and healthy workplaces. We need to apply the learning from the many years of analyses of accidents and ill health because this will contribute to future prevention strategies and activities.
Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) is an approach that we believe can be applied successfully; it is gaining more interest across industry sectors globally and has the great advantage of needing the involvement of the individual employee, in addition of course, to employer commitment.
How often have we experienced situations in which an employee’s competence in a work process is assessed at the point that they leave the training room with the assumption that, once learned, the process will be applied correctly and safely?
This fails to take account of the many factors that influence and reinforce learning and behaviours. BBS addresses these factors. It is closely linked to company culture and values and, most importantly, when it works, it is an excellent tool to improve safety performance in the workplace.

We hope that many more employers and employees become interested in the potential of the approaches set out and that we have added another useful and practical tool for improving safety and health performance.

Safe greetings,


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